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We Welcome: Jane Kønig

No outfit is complete without the right jewelry. Whatever jewelry you prefer, find inspiration in Jane Kønig’s universe.

Jewelry can be a reminder of someone close to you, a special occasion in your life or an accessory that helps complement your style. With our broad range of designs, we give you the opportunity to find the exact jewelry that best complements your personal style. Depending on how you choose to style the jewelry, you can use it for both day and evening wear.

You can never have too much jewelry, which is why we have made it easy for you to combine jewelry from the different collections. There are no limits to Jane Kønig’s range, which is why you’ll find everything from classic pearls and large statement pieces to simple and elegant designs. Let the jewelry become an integrated part of your wardrobe by picking styles that go with the different seasons. Choose from Chunky and sparkling jewelry, which stands out in the cold winter months, or simple and elegant jewelry for a summer outfit.