8th – 10th August 2018

We welcome: Leon Louis

From the atelier window, Jutland’s sweeping vistas unfold. As the city limits fade, the landscape reigns. Willful, rugged and expansive. It is here we meet, on the brink between industry and nature. The bright light of summer, distorts the horizon, sharp architectural lines frame the city. Night becomes day, as the clear Nordic light washes over us.

This SS18 collection interacts with the contrast between rigid construction and organic free flowing shapes. The silhouette is tailored anatomically, with profound attention paid to versatile cross-seasonal usages and functionality. Garments are part of a meticulous ongoing curation, casually reminiscent of traditional Moroccan Bedouin attire and the imposing shapes of ancient prototaxites. Each line is deliberate as exterior and interior appear integrated harmoniously.

With crisp whites, deep blacks, muted greys, indigo blue, hues of beige and champagne, the resonant sentiment is one of understatement and silent craftmanship. No loudness, but intricate sartorial reflection. Each individual piece is crafted by hand, in the Leon Louis atelier, as part of a sincere process of creation. Breezy corozo buttoned linen shirts, feature alongside rugged slouchy denim bottoms, striped artisanal knits are donned under a technical embroidered logo bomber, tailored half-lined suits are combined with lightweight tencel and modal, as artisanal leather jackets, provide a touch of rigid structure. Functional leather zip pullers, cattle horn closures, re-purposed facial masks, resilient thumb-holes and frayed string detailing, add onto the collection’s overall tactile nature.

Enter, without trepidation. Immerse yourself.

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