See you in Copenhagen at the next physical tradeshow!

We welcome: MAGNAFIED

Established in Copenhagen, Denmark, 2014 by Magnus Carstensen & Antonia Bang-Wolff.

MAGNAFIED was created as a foundation of ideas and creativity to live at large, everything they do is a fragment of MAGNAFIED, falling under the same large umbrella “certified” to be MAGNAFIED.

They are driven by their uncompromising pursuit of quality, history, and originality in everything they do. They are inspired by music, art and history.

The CLASSIC products are proudly Manufactured in the USA and the READYMADE line is hand-picked deadstock pieces from all over the world.

From idea and design to customizing and printing they do it all in-house at the MAGNAFIED studio in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Enjoy the SS19 Collection at Revolver!

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