Next edition 29 – 31 Jan. 2020

We welcome: Maska

MASKA is dedicated to creating exceptional clothes where yarn, fabric and design come together in perfect harmony. Each MASKA garment is crafted from natural fibres carefully selected for their lasting beauty.

MASKA was founded in 2009 and launched a year later. The mission was clear: to design relevant, quality garments that transcend the seasons and to produce them in a sustainable way.

“We always thought that something made with great care inherit something sublime – a soul”.

Passionate about yarn and artisanal knitting techniques the first MASKA collection consisted of a range of cardigans (MASKA means “knitted stitch” in Swedish). The idea was to start a brand that took the best parts from the hand knitting world – the quality of yarns and the elaborate structures – and make it commercially available.

As demand grew, the collections now includes both knitwear and woven garments such as shirts, trousers and coats in coordinated collections for both autumn and spring.

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