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We Welcome: Modus Vivendi

Modus Vivendi’s Spring Summer 2022 Men & Women collection is entitled « An Occasional Dream ». This reflects the current period when life is almost back to normal for an uncertain time, and which allows us to realize the dreams we imagined during the past isolation months.

Most of our western contemporaries took advantage of the pandemic to move out of the cities in search of nature and smoother life. This parallel with the American « gold rush to the west » inspired our collection. A new western world where nature and eased life may be the new gold.

Faithful to our philosophy, Modus Vivendi is again anchored in handmade workship, sustainability and a comfortable effortless silhouette inspired by Austrian tradition but adapted to nowadays life.

Fabrics are certificated fair and local, with lightweighted Merino wool, and ecological Linen and Cotton. Most garments and accessories are unisex and can be worn in almost any occasion of the day.

Amongst neutral colors, focus has been put on pastels to offer a fresh palette completed by Vichy check and fair denim.

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