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We Welcome: Ron Dorff

Neither precious nor overly casual, Ron Dorff concerns itself with beyond­ basics: perfect pieces with an athletic heritage that perform flawlessly whether worn at the gym, at home or in the street. Season after season, Ron Dorff proves that its motto is also its philosophy: DISCIPLINE IS NOT A DIRTY WORD whether at the gym or in life in general.

Born out of the partnership of Jerome Touron, a French man, and Claus Lindorff, a Swede, Ron Dorff, a simple elision of their two last names, is the logical outcome of their combined origins. Aligning Swedish functionality with French
 style, Ron Dorff offers a new idea of sportswear: smart, sharp and timeless.

With the creation of simple, essential classics as a starting point, ostentatious logos are rejected. Ron Dorff’s pieces are signed only by the most discrete of details, a pair of black-lacquered eyelets, a reflection of the two O’s in the brand name that allows for the subtlest glimpse of skin.

Essential pieces with impeccable fit. Attention to every detail. An uncompromising eye for fabrics and construction. The brand´s philosophy, DISCIPLINE IS NOT A DIRTY WORD, leads in every step of the work, from design to manufacture of each piece. This philosophy also prevails among all partners when it comes to the production, of which 90% is made in Sweden, France and Portugal.

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