Next edition 29 – 31 Jan. 2020

We welcome: RVLT

RVLT was founded by Christian Katballe and Palle Bruun Rasmussen in Aarhus, Denmark. The mission was – and still is – to create easygoing and casual clothing for everyday wear. RVLT is a contemporary street fashion brand and the inspiration is drawn from sports-fashion, high fashion, graphic design, art and the environments of sub-cultures. RVLT is not timeless but constantly changing our design to take the brand forward – it is in their passion to create.

RVLT is internationally orientated – the brand thinks internationally but are founded in the tradition of the Danish design culture. This is reflected in the design process and the understanding, as well as in the international business approach. Today RVLT is represented in more than 800 shops across the world and has grown step by step in a pace where they’ve been able to have fun, be innovative and honest to our mission – this is still the case. RVLT is built upon loyalty, honesty and relationships while being true to ourselves and our mission. RVLT value quality over quantity and relationship over turnover. They are patient and believe that good things come to those who wait.

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