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We welcome: sistie

Sistie is a new kind of brand, we are fist movers in a new wave of online branding.

We do not just want to connect with our followers, we want our followers to become a part of us.

We involve women in Sistie, we let them help us shape the brand. It helps us grow closer to our customers and stay relevant.

We invite our followers into our creative universe.

What do we stand for?

Sistie is a community that inspires young women in terms of creativity, fashion and lifestyle choices – as long as they are crazy about jewelry, hair accessories and perfume.

Brand strategy.

Our concept is built upon an engaging brand strategy. In practice this means, that we are creating an environment, where young  women are given a real chance.

They get the opportunity to experience being a guest designer, take professional pictures, meet influencers, work with professional designers and employees of Sistie.

We collaborate with actors, musicians, athletes and influencers like Melissa Bentsen, Mia Emilie Person and Silke Kristensen.

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