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We Welcome: Thinking Mu

“We wake up every day with one thing in mind: change the current consumption system while having fun. yes, it’s possible. we want people to question everything and find their own answers to build a better world. and no, this is not a ‘miss universe-kind-of-better-world-speech.’ we’re talking about doing meaningful stuff. we want everyone to be concious that our decisions matter. ”

“we happen to make clothes because that’s the thing we know best. and we really push our brains out to make clothes as well as we can so you can dress cool and sustainable. throughout these years, we’ve learned how important the decision of how we dress every day is; clothing is one of the most polluting markets in the world. we want to change a consumption model based on the absolu- tely irresponsible fast fashion rules by offering a transparent and kind alternative.”

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