Next edition 29 – 31 Jan. 2020

It all started when they were on a train in Italy, going to Rapallo for a getaway. They decided to collaborate over the summer for a collection and it snowballed into the start of their brand label.
The duo, Tan Li Chen from Malaysia, and Lin Yu Bo from China, met during their master fashion design program in Istituto Marangoni in Milan. Their style of design attracts each other. They have the similarities and the contradictions that go harmoniously with each other that allowed them to grow and mature their work. Li Chen’s design mostly focuses on pattern making and detail, while Yu Bo tends to emphasize exaggerated silhouettes. Li Chen takes inspiration from daily functionality into her designs, where as Yu Bo uses color as if there were no boundaries. Li Chen tends to studies the contrast between masculinity and femininity as her subject focus, while Yu Bo uses her inner child-like heart and turn it into interesting design detail.

THISNORTHAT concept is drawing a thin line between fashion and trend. It is neither following the trend or fashion but continuously working to build its own aesthetic form of beauty. “We stand by our design as our identity, not the label.”

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