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We Welcome: Treasure Atelier

Launching in the midst of a global pandemic is a true testament to the boldness and willpower that exudes from the brand Treasure Atelier Copenhagen, founded by Tina Lundtoft in April 2020.

Treasure Atelier believes in aesthetic sustainability – by creating long lasting pieces that never go out of style, and most importantly – in high quality, exquisite, yet durable materials that do not tear, fade, stretch or shrink after two to three washes.

The perfect white shirt, your go to-cashmere knit, the classic sweatsuit – and what’s next? With her experience within the industry, Tina has an outstanding eye for the current demands and emerging trends.

The styles are created with a distinct approach towards being as sustainable as possible – and always non-seasonal. A higher markup for retailers is also a focal point – and never compromising on the quality of materials. A close collaboration with production is of utmost importance in meeting and surpassing industry standards of social and environmental sustainability.

At Treasure Atelier we find great inspiration in exploring contrasts. For us, a sweatsuit is not just comfy wear, and a classic white shirt is not just office attire – actually quite the contrary. We  encourage you to experiment with your personal style by challenging the use of classic elements in your wardrobe. And ultimately, we wish for you to dress exactly as you like. Not caring what others may think.

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