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Revolver talks with Velour By Nostalgi

The Gothenburg-based clothing brand’s roots extend back to 1997 when the Nostalgia store opens at Vasagatan. Five years later, they decided to design their own collection under the name Velour by Nostalgi.

Velor wants to add life to your wardrobe, and strives constantly to deliver a durable and stylish look. Velour has the ambition to challenge the prevailing conventions of the manor, with expertise and materials from the world’s best factories with sustainability in focus.

We sat down with Per Andersson, founder of Velor By Nostalgia, for a chat about their Svanen Labeled denim line.

Last season, you launched the first denim line with the official sustainability eco-label for the Nordic countries, the Svanen Label. Could you tell us a bit about your thoughts and plans behind this project?

We started as a Deadstock store in 1997, selling unsold clothes from the 1940s, 50s and 60s to a certain target group. They were musicians, artists, designers, people who were really focused on the clothes they bought. At that time the environment concern was not so high, but still they were value-driven people. Conscious of what they wanted to wear.

For 3 years ago, we internally realized the environmental and human issues of producing clothes. We decided that we needed to do something about this. We looked at this from a more philosophical perspective and the foundation is that we all must do something about the environment in the world. Survival and human health dominate human concerns today and off course also our customers.

Based on the above, today we create products that take into account both human and environmental conditions. So why not create a menswear line that looks good and is sustainable? It’s important.

 What is the process like when trying to get the Svanen label? 

We got in contact with the Svanen environmental certification programme two years ago through a fabric supplier that was going to make the first Svanen-certified denim fabrics producer in the world.

So we got in contact with them, and we said ‘Together with you, we want to bring the first Svanen-certified jeans to market’. So the denim fabric is made of eco-cotton/recycled cotton and recycled polyester from PET bottles. We then take those already Svanen certified denim fabrics and produce the worlds first Svanen certified jeans that is better for the environment and for workers.

At the same time we decided to try to Svanen certify also our Chino program cause this was at the period of time our biggest selling product. In this case we certify both the fabrics and the production our self.  As an example, when we make our Svanen certified chinos we can only use a fraction of metals in the dark colours of the twill fabrics for the chinos.

Ours use less than 5% metal in the dying, and normally the standard is much more. The heavy metals used in colouring pollute the local environment around the factory. There are also normally endocrine-disruptors in fabrics which can cause cancer, so we cannot use any of these. Svanen controls everything in the process and there are aprox 95 documents to go through!

So what is the future bringing in regards to Velour? 

To deliver a well-dressed and 100 % sustainable product for the man in tune with time!

Thank you for the chat, Per! We’re looking so much forward to seeing you guys at Revolver!

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