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We welcome: WHYRED

WHYRED is a Swedish fashion brand based in Stockholm, founded in 1999 by Roland Hjort. WHYRED got its name from an interview in the early 1950´s with the prominent Swedish artist Sven “X:et” Erixon. When he was asked what his favourite colour was he answered: “red”. “Why red?”, the interviewer retorted. Known for his rich palette of colours Sven dryly quipped: “Well, blue then”. Sven “X:et” Erixon is the grandfather of WHYRED’s creative director and co-founder Roland Hjort.

The characteristic of WHYRED design is wearable garments with a modern touch. In other words, well-made fashion inspired by classic and historical garments. The garments are inspired by various uniforms, chinos, classic t-shirts and, of course, the parka. These are pieces that, WHYRED believe, deserve to be honored and preserved.

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