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We welcome: American Vintage

Picture a woman; a radiant, beautiful woman without artifice, in the bare light of her beauty. A fulfilled woman feeling good about her body and her life in general, regardless of her age. A natural beauty whose outlook is not depending on what she’s wearing.

This is what American Vintage is about : easy, bearable and timeless pieces with enough twist do adjust smoothly to all personalities. A readyto-wear brand that truly has its feet firmly planted in this day and age.

Over the years, the collections have spread and have been shaped, offering more structured and high-fashion items. American Vintage delivers a multi-faceted wardrobe with an off-beat take on fashion codes, playing with rules, daring style combinations to reach out to all personalities. We are proud to have nearly 150 boutiques around the world, and to sell our apparel in more than 1500 outlets. It’s a human story with nearly 450 colleagues on board.

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