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We welcome: Saks Potts

The universe of Saks Potts is a mix of vivid, strong colors, timeless designs and an innovative and fresh view on fur.

The Copenhagen-based brand is an extravagant and modern womenswear brand, established by Barbara Potts 23 and Cathrine Saks 24.

The designs represent unusual aesthetics, playful colors and interesting and delicate materials all in high quality. The mission behind is simply to create something untraditional as a challenge to the minimalistic Scandinavian style.

The collections are not based on short-termed trends, but work beautifully across the seasons, which makes the Saks Potts items extremely applicable in a wardrobe.

Since the establishing of the brand in 2013 Saks Potts has received international acknowledgement, so now it is not only the Danish girls who rocks a colorful fur in the streets. Saks Potts vision of style and colors was recognized in 2015, when ELLE style awards made them “unavoidable of the year”.

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