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We welcome: Work Sleep Repeat

Work Sleep Repeat is a new clothing line and creative platform launching for Autumn/ Winter 2018. WSR sees award winning designer Asger Juel Larsen working with a new set up, studio and direction.

The Work Sleep Repeat collection is classic outerwear, drawing inspiration from the power of uniform and the details of utility clothing. The WSR range continues the exploration of pattern making, texture and
technology using fabrics sourced from Italian, British and Japanese mills.

Completing the WSR collection is a range of tops and prints influenced by centuries of street culture. WSR will additionally feature creative collaborations and year-round accessories.

“WSR is a work in progress, defining and redefining ideas and designs in a continuously evolving process. It is a creative platform that extends beyond fashion and a practice that will include both clothing and everyday objects”

Work Sleep Repeat is Asger Juel Larsen and Nicholas Hüttemeier in partnership.

Check out Work Sleep Repeat here