See you in Copenhagen at the next physical tradeshow!

We’re ready for the season

How Revolver is dealing with the Covid-19 Crisis

Revolver has, together with Copenhagen Fashion Week, Bella Center and the trade organisations Wear and DM&T, decided to move the fashion week to run from August 9 – August 12, 2020.

Revolver has used the last months to prepare all possible scenarios for the execution of the trade show and CFW, and Revolver will be 100% ready to execute accordingly and respectfully when the Danish Authorities announces the guidelines.

It should be clear to everyone that Copenhagen Fashion Week for the upcoming season will be different than usual. Some aspects become challenging and other aspects will be refreshing and innovative. Common for everything and most important: it’s adapted to the situation and we’re ready to execute in a health-wise responsible way taking all precautions needed to create a safe space for both brands and visitors.

For the upcoming season, Revolver is planning to dress all brands in the same “school uniform”, naturally graduated individually after different sizes, but with exactly the same look. Meaning, Revolver will offer a Plug and Play solution and deliver all brands the same design of rails, table, chairs, shelving’s and signs. This way, Revolver will reduce costs to a minimum as well as reducing costs for the build-up. It will be the choice between ”Nice to have or need to have”. The cost reduction is making it financially possible for all brands to exhibit at the tradeshow in an otherwise difficult time.

Concerning the limitations in the numbers of people gathered in one venue, Revolver has the possibility to use more than one venue and in that way divide the crowd into smaller units in order to fulfil the governmental requirements. Revolver and CFW has added one extra day to the fashion weekend, and in addition it would also be possible to extend the opening hours in order to make the trade show as smooth as possible for both brands and visitors and at the same time meet possibly regulations.

New digital solutions

In addition to a change of more square meters of exhibition space, Revolver is also ready with new digital solutions that will further support the flow of visiting buyers. Over the past month, Revolver has developed a digital calendar system that in combination with our registration site, will help both the trade show and the brands to control flow and traffic and also ensure that Revolver complies with any restrictions on the amount of assembly.

Likewise, in collaboration with Traede, revolver has developed a ‘digital showroom’ for each brand. In combination with the registration site, the buyers are given the opportunity for research of collections before the visit to Revolver and the buyers who do not have the opportunity to visit Copenhagen and Revolver this season have the opportunity to browse the trade show digitally.

We are proud to present a number of new and relevant digital initiatives that, in combination with the physical trade show, will certainly optimize the overall outcome of Revolver for each exhibitor. That said in the belief that neither the physical nor the digital solution can stand-alone. We are absolutely convinced that the physical tradeshow and the meeting between people and collections have never been more important. Sure, something can be done digitally, but the challenges we’re facing as an industry right now cannot be solved by individual heroes, videoconferences and e-mails alone. We will need to stand together as a collective and in conversation with one another – the physical meeting will be even more relevant when the situation allows it. In some ways, it will be a bit back to the “good old trade show days” with less browsing, less selections, but much more real business meaning orders being placed and settled,” says Christian Maibom.

Along with the new initiatives, Revolver has kept a close dialogue with the exhibiting brands: “We have talked to our exhibitors on a daily basis and we have been able to continuously take the temperature on the industry. We’re very proud of the support we have received from the brands and the trust they all show us. Humbly said, we believe it’s exactly because of the values we, together with our brands, have built Revolver on. Community, consideration, collegiality and unity are just some of them and the have never been more needed” concludes Christian Maibom.

Copenhagen is a regional fashion week

Revolver has always claimed that Copenhagen is a regional fashion destination with International ambitions. It has seemed unambitious to some people, which has never been the case. Just a fact. Exactly due to that fact, Copenhagen Fashion Week will for the up-coming season, stand strong as long as the countries in the Scandinavian region maintain control over the virus.

To stay realistic. Due to their insurance system, Europe cannot expect a great numbers of buyers from Asia and the US for the rest of the year. And we will most likely also be challenged by travel restrictions within Europe for quite some time. Right now, It’s the hope that the Nordic countries will maintain control over the virus and in this way Copenhagen will appear safe and healthy as well as a relevant and interesting fashion destination.

On a final note, let me express how proud I’m to be a citizen in Scandinavia. Proud of our welfare systems and strong society, which we have build, maintained and develop through generations. I cross my fingers that we can keep maintaining all this in the years to come. That’s what’s makes us unique” Christian Maibom.